Bad Karma

Have you ever just had really bad luck or what some people say ‘Bad Karma’ ? Well that was me these past two weeks and to say that I didn’t like it too much would be such an understatement!

Well the bad luck was dealing with our electronics. The first thing to go was the I Pad. All of a sudden Daryl said that it won’t let you do anything. Well you know how I’m not the best with fixing things or patience – so I said I’ll bring it to Best Buy Geek Squad because we bought insurance. Not so bad right? 

The next thing was that on last Friday morning my Mac froze up. Just so not cool! But things happen and after a VERY frustrating couple of days of resetting my password I thought OK I’ll bring this to the Geek Squad too. 

Well on Saturday I was using the older laptop which at this time was the only one that was working and it just decided to quit. When I tried to reboot it, it wouldn’t go on. By now you can just about imagine how happy (or better put unhappy) I was feeling. But I was able to recover it and life was as bad. UNTIL….  

When I came downstairs after feeling pretty happy that at least I had one computer to use, Kyle said that the internet was down. Yup – that did it!! So I called the carrier and said that it is down and what is going on? Well she was pretty persistent and said that I needed a technician to come to our house. So you remember that I had this conversation not that long ago right? I was NOT in the mood to have a conversation with her and she said she’ll send one out and it will probably be on Monday. Well as we were getting ready to go to William’s on Saturday, and thank goodness everyone was pretty much dressed, there was a guy walking around outside. It was our technician. Now I don’t know why he came so fast – but good for us. And guess what he found? He said we had a short in our phone adapter and he fixed it within no time. 

So now my MAC has been completely rebuilt and erased, the lap top is still working, the I Pad was unstuck on the program, and we have internet. Yup life is good again! 


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