Baby it’s cold outside

Well we finally got our winter. And it’s coming in pretty cold! The air temperature has been around -11 degrees and when it’s that cold it seems like the cars and pickup just kind of growl when you start them in the morning. I couldn’t figure out what the cows were doing this morning when I opened the door to see just how cold it was and then I realized that even though the wind was cold and blowing, the sun was actually out and was pretty warm if you were out of the wind. So the cows took full advantage of this and stayed on the south side of the barn. DSCN8536The dogs also stayed close to the house and tried to keep warm. I saw frost of Reno’s nose but they wouldn’t stay in the barn and insisted to be out for the day. I’ll bet she’ll be in the house more than once before the cold front is over. DSCN8538

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