Another Monday

It’s crazy how fast the Monday rolls around isn’t it? Well I’m finally got my birthday treats made for work yesterday afternoon and I have to admit that I almost caved in and bought donuts instead.

Well I knew that I had all the stuff to make them now but I sure can get lazy  – – and for a couple of minutes I even thought that I should just run to town and pick up something that’s already made. But even I knew that this was a pretty dumb idea. I mean if I didn’t make the pumpkin cake roll yesterday afternoon, I’d just be hanging out in front of the fireplace watching TV or something. Yup, I needed to just get this done.

I had to made a 4 times batch of the recipe and when I was all done it seemed to be the perfect amount. Now I’ve made this recipe for a lot of years and only lately have I started to use parchment paper. Let me just say that parchment paper is your friend when you’re making any cake filled dessert. The recipe for this pumpkin roll is on the dessert page on top of this page.

With the cakes all done and now I’m just hanging out by the fireplace.  I’m sure glad that I ended up making the treats myself instead of buying them. I hate to think that I would be that lazy! This is how the pans were lined up before they went into the ovenDSCN9585

And the picture of the day? Well they moved in the crane down the road for a cell tower for our area. Check it out –  It’s HUGE! IMG_2288

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