We are in the 2 week zone

It is now two weeks until Christmas from today! Holy Cow can you believe it? Well, it’s a count down to Christmas and I’ve still got way too much stuff to do and feeling a little nervous about it to be honest. I’m making lists and checking them twice (hum…) to see what I still need to do. Do you ever feel that one day it’s the beginning of November and then you look at the calendar and you’re already in December? I sure do.

So for the gifts – I still have a couple to buy, but I know what I need so I’m not expecting that to be a problem. Most of everything that I ordered is in and that’s a sigh of relief. And for baking? Well I hope to have more of an opportunity to do that this year. If you remember last year Daryl had heart surgery in mid November and my Mom had surgery in December. So this year everyone is doing so much better and that’s really great! We are NOT expecting any more surgeries this winter in our family and I hope to keep it that way. My plan is to get the groceries that I need for baking tomorrow night after work and then spend the weekend in the kitchen. I’m pretty excited to get started and now I just need to figure out my grocery list. How many lbs of pecans do I need again??

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