Happy Birthday Kyle!

On Sunday was Kyle’s birthday and we had a chance tonight to get together to celebrate it. Now when I say ‘get together’ it might not be the same way that other families get together, but nevertheless, we did get together. 

With Kyle on the East Coast and even though William is only in Ames, Skype continues to be one of our best family friends! 

So with a birthday pan of brownies and some candles lit, we all were able to see each other and sang a round of Happy Birthday to him! 

And after the cards were opened and his birthday box opened, we spent the rest of the night catching up with each other from the past week. Sometimes our calls are 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes they are only 20 minutes.

But either way, I love it! 

Happy Birthday Kyle! 

And yes you’ll notice that I once again forgot to buy the ‘3’ candle. Seriously, the other candles are so old that I know we had a 3 when the kids were like 3 and 13. But since then? No 3’s have officially been on our cakes. I end up usually make one with paper to replace the official candle. I know it doesn’t look as good, but it does the trick. I’m determined to buy one tomorrow for the next ‘3’ birthday 🙂DSCN9140

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